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Kotor, Budva & Sveti Stefan | Montenegro Photo Essay

Last summer I posted my polaroids from Montenegro, but during a freak I-need-to-get-organised-before-the-new-year kinda day, I drank a four shot flat white and began sorting random drawers. You know the type that have no order; they have cat food, cables, light bulbs, pins, cameras, blue tac...the list goes on. 

When the caffeine wore off, I slumped on to the sofa and began sorting photo folders. Hidden amongst them were my photos from the Bay of Kotor, Budva and a brief stop off at Sveti Stefan. 

They made me miss travelling so much. I want some decent sunshine and lakes...oh summer you're so easily missed! 


  1. beautiful photos! x

  2. looks gorgeous, i want to go